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Being pregnant or breastfeeding doesn’t mean you no longer get to feel sexy. Stop sacrificing confidence in the name of comfort, you can have both!

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Moms on a Mission

We are mamas creating maternity and nursing wear that empower and uplift women through each season of motherhood. We want women to feel confident in our pieces and know how beautiful you are. When you shop with us, you are saying yes to body positivity!

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Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings

Comfortable beyond belief, functional, stretchy, and flattering in all the right places.... 

Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras

Our #1 selling products! Our nursing bras were designed by moms, for moms. Trialed... 

  • Serena B.

    "I have purchased 2 colors of this beautiful nursing bra. They are so soft, no itchy spots, soft straps and easy clips for nursing. I really like that the pads are non-removable. Also, the lace is the perfect amount as it does not show through my shirts. It gives me the perfect amount of sass and beauty during what seems like a practical time."

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  • Erica G.

    "I lived in these bras during pregnancy and now during the postpartum phase, I continue to live in them! I tested out one bra and wound up purchasing them in every color. Not only are they super stretchy and soft, they are also beautiful. In the midst of the chaos of motherhood and breastfeeding, it’s nice to have a bra that makes you feel good about yourself and that is also functional for all stages of motherhood. I find these bras very comfortable to wear all day, they are definitely my most used bras. I recommend following their size guide, I would normally be a medium but I sized up to a large. I found this size to fit me well and to be comfortable. Overall I feel these bras are amazingly comfortable
    for all day/everyday use, aesthetically pleasing, functional and affordable!"

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  • Rachel

    "This gown and robe set is so silky soft - I think I might have to pack it in my hospital bag!"

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  • Azriel P.

    "I feel so comfortable and sexy. I love the feel of the fabric on my skin, it's so easy to feed my baby, and my husband definitely approves!"

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  • Holly T.

    "I am completely obsessed with this bra!!! After I received my first one, I fell completely in love and had to order two more because no other bra compares."

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  • Tana M.

    "Just obsessed with the feel of the fabric, it's my favorite nightgown. And the robe is the best thing to put on at the end of the day. LOVE LOVE the bra as well, feels like I'm not even wearing one!"

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  • Shilo

    “I no longer have to just wear a baggy tee shirt that doesn’t cover my belly to bed anymore. So happy I found this super cute and comfortable option.”

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  • Sarah Jayne

    "The bamboo nightgown and robe are super cozy, breathable, and I love that they can be used in pregnancy as well as postpartum (and it's a breeze to nurse in too). Possibly my favorite part is that they're affordable compared to similar bamboo items."

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  • Paula H.

    "I recieved these products and fell in love! Everything is comfortable and makes you still feel cute during all stages of pregnancy. I even wore the passion for my baby shower!"

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  • Sara S.

    "During pregnancy it’s challenging to find great fitting, sexy, and comfortable clothing. Look no further. This bamboo fabric clings to all the right places and makes you feel like a goddess. Not to mention your significant other will enjoy something other than the sweat pants and baggy clothing. I would buy multiple colors and any other clothing that Tender Seasons creates!"

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  • Loreena M.

    "You guys are awesome! I love to spread the word!"

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  • "Comfy AND cute for postpartum"

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How you can help give back...join us.

We have always wanted to make a difference from our small corner of the world. God has put it on our hearts to partner with an amazing non-profit called Carry Them Ministries. After much prayer, we decided to become a sponsor in sending much needed support to mothers and infants in Nigeria, Africa. Now, a portion of every purchase from our customers will go to help severely malnourished and failing infants get the help they need. Including much needed formula, clothing, and incredible breastfeeding support for new mothers struggling to feed their infants because of abcesses, birth complications, low milk supply, disabilities etc. These sweet babies and mamas need all the love and support we can give.

YOU can now make a difference when you shop with us and help save a life. We will automatically apply a portion of your purchase to this worthy cause.

Learn more about Carry Them Ministries at their website below, and how you can give back with us!

Carry Them Ministries